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eSports Dota II(1) Match
Flytomoon - Ninjas in Pyjamas 2:1
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Upcoming Events (32) League Match
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22.09., 06:30 Order - Avant Gaming ESL CS:GO Pro League 1.75 1.95
22.09., 08:00 New Esports - 032 BTS Dota2 Pro series
22.09., 10:00 Royal Never Give UP - Phoenix Gaming China Dota2 Pro League 1.15 5.25
22.09., 10:00 Fnatic - Motivate.Trust Gaming BTS Dota2 Pro series
22.09., 10:00 Vici Gaming - Invictus Gaming ESL CS:GO Pro League 1.30 3.20
No events for the this selection
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eSports Counter-Strike

ESL CS:GO Pro League / Match



Order 1 1.75

Avant Gaming 2 1.95




Vici Gaming 1 1.30

Invictus Gaming 2 3.20


Furia Esports 1 1.30

Chaos Esports Club 2 3.20


Evil Geniuses 1 1.55

Team Liquid 2 2.30


100 Thieves 1 1.17

Triumph 2 4.40


Gen.G Esports 1 1.75

Cloud9 2 1.95


Boom Esports 1 1.07

Havan Liberty 2 7.00

ESL CS:GO Deutsche Meisterschaft / Match



Esport Rhein-Neckar 1 1.37

NO Limit Gaming 2 2.85


NO Limit Gaming 1 2.65

Esport Rhein-Neckar 2 1.43


Cowana Gaming 1 2.20

TKA E-Sports 2 1.60


TKA E-Sports 1 1.60

Cowana Gaming 2 2.20

ESL CS:GO Mistrzostwa Polski / Match



Illuminar Gaming 1 2.55

Avez 2 1.45

Funspark CS:GO ULTI / Match



Bren Esports 1 1.22

Jijiehao 2 3.80




Newhappy 1 4.00

Tiger 2 1.20


eSports Dota II

China Dota2 Pro League / Match



Royal Never Give UP 1 1.15

Phoenix Gaming 2 5.25


Vici Gaming 1 1.07

Team Magma 2 7.00


eSports League of Legends

Riot LoL La Ligue Française / Match



Team Mces 1 4.70

Ldlc Ol 2 1.15


Izidream 1 3.00

Gamersorigin 2 1.35


Gameward 1 1.90

Vitality Bee 2 1.80


Solary 1 3.10

Misfits Premier 2 1.33

eSports StarCraft II

Afreeca StarCraft League / Match



Sharp 1 1.43

Beast 2 2.70


Action 1 1.45

Free 2 2.60

eSport Bets

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  • Counter Strike
  • StarCraft 2
  • Overwatch
  • HearthStone

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The best eSport athletes go head to head in Majors, The International and ESL One tournaments. And thanks to the live streams at Interwetten, you have a front-row seat for the spectacle. We have the best odds for the Dota 2 elite on single maps, match series and tournament wins! Be amazed at the huge selection of bets that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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